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OCERT is an ecosystem that brings all stakeholders together to discuss and structure the training of robotic surgery in Europe. To streamline ideas and projects and to decide on future initiatives, we have organised a series of meetings. Led by Orsi Academy, the Consensus Meeting on European Robotic Training (OCERT) is an international, multidisciplinary conference involving, scientific societies, experts and industry leaders focused on training in robotic surgery.

Our Partners

Our Partners

With the scientific societies we will co-create possible educational pathways taking into account the needs in different specialties.

Governmental Bodies

With official institutions we will define how to certify and validate mandatory robotic training programs for all aspiring robotic surgeons.


With the industrial partners we will set up quality assured training in view of making surgery safer and cheaper for the community.


With our parent universities we will implement a standardised robotic training program in all medical curricula.


"Let's join forces on state of the art robotic training and aim for a quality assured approach."

Prof. Dr. Alex Mottrie

CEO & Founder

Orsi Academy

You want to collaborate? 

Are you an important stakeholder, ambitious to lift robotic surgical training to a higher level?

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